3 Types Of Videos That Attract Attention

Want to create engaging videos that attract massive attention to your business? In our latest blog, we discuss the three types of videos that will always do well compared to other video types.

The right kind of video can catch our attention and draw us in to watch to completion. You know the ‘engaging videos’ we’re talking about? They’re the ones that grab you with a great headline. Then, once you start watching, you just have to see it through.

The icing on the cake is that you feel compelled to not only engage and watch, but to share too. Because the very video you just watched and loved is something that you feel good about sharing. We’ll dive into why that is, but first, let’s take a look at the 3 types of engaging videos!

3 Types Of Videos That Attract Attention

3 Types Of Engaging Videos That Attract Attention

Here are three types of social video, and why they work so much:

1. The FOMO Video

This type of video is all about sharing something that we just can’t miss. It’s about a hidden local secret, an adventure we didn’t know about or some news that we want to be first to hear.

With these types of videos, we literally do not want to miss watching the video, once we hear what might be revealed.

It’s literally a FOMO video (Fear of Missing Out) because that fear of missing out is what gets us to watch. We just don’t want to miss the big news/activity/secret. These types of engaging videos have 3 things going for them:

A Hook

This is a title or heading that draws us in. It could be posed as a question or a statement. It could be something we want to see proven, or maybe disproven. It could be something we maybe can’t believe is true yet. Watching the video will help us to decide.

Or maybe the title tells us that we will be privvy to something secretive or unique. It will reveal some news or revelation that … now… we have to know about and therefore want to watch the video.

We see the heading or the text on the start of the video and can’t look away. It’s compelling because we now want to know what happens. So, we watch.

A Story

This is where you add the facts or content that lays out the story. What is the experience? What happens? Where does it happen. Show the thing you’ve promised in the title and hook.

Also, note that by “story”, we don’t mean War & Peace. we mean text or audio that shares the key points of the service, experience or product. Make it snappy and engaging.

A Call To Action

The final element of the FOMO video is to add a call to action or CTA. If this is to be a video that encourages engagement, steer towards a call to action that encourages us to engage without selling something. Of course you can sell something, but try to steer towards engagement.

To do this, ask something like:

  • Tell us your experience with X (the topic of the video).
  • Tag a friend that would love to do X (the topic of the video).
  • Share this video with someone that would love X (the topic of the video)

Got the idea? Once you know the formula, it gets easier to create videos like these.

2. The How-To Video

It doesn’t sound as exciting as a FOMO video, but a How-To video can be just as powerful for creating engaging videos. In this type of video you’re showing how to do something – quickly and easily.

We love watching how-to videos. It could be a cooking video, a step-by-step tech tip or some sort of process explained – like what is the fastest way to cahnge a tyre.

To make a great How-to video, try to use these tips:

  • Identify the problem you are solving, then solve it.
  • Use hyperlapse (to speed up demonstrations) or slow motion (to slow down demonstrations) as needed for effect.
  • Use captions to add the steps required in case the person is not watching the video with the sound on.
  • Keep an eye on your time. Make it long enough to count for a view on YouTube (20 seconds) but short enough not to lose us (ie 30 seconds to 1 minute).

3. The Discovery Video

We love to be the first to share something – it makes us look cool or knowledgeable.

Engaging videos that show a cool product, new idea, or reveal some news or a concept, are very popular for sharing. If you can create a video about breaking news or something novel or relatively undiscovered, it’s likely to get shared.

Anything that solves a massive problem is likely to develop a buzz. This is especially the case, when the video is initially shared.

Kickstarter campaigns often have cool discovery-type videos, showing the features that make the product stand out as being new or different.

There you have it – 3 different styles of engaging videos that are designed to catch attention and get you engaged – whether it’s to comment, tag or (even better) share with your friends.

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