Retained PR versus one-off projects – Explained

We’re often asked about the benefits about becoming a retained Fusion client, rather than employing our team for one-off projects.

It’s not a surprising question. Our costs for a single one-off project are so reasonable that you may wonder why you would want to pay a fixed amount each and every month.

Because we like to work with budgets of all sizes, we don’t put up our costs for one-off or occasional projects, but we do offer our regular clients lots of benefits!

At Fusion Media, we like to explain things in simple English, so here’s how it works….

Imagine you have some big news that you would like to share about your company – whether it’s a new contract, a new product or even an exciting project. You might not have this kind of story break very often, so you ask Fusion Media to work with you on a one-off basis to obtain some good press coverage.

We will work with you or your current in-house marketing team to come up with the best angle, write the press release and suggest the best possible places for your news to appear; whether that is newspapers, business or consumer publications, radio or websites….The potential is endless!

Then, we’re use our extensive database of contacts to make sure your story gets in front of the right people and at the right time. After that, you just sit back and wait for where your story appears, or you can ask us to monitor and get feedback for you. You are happy that your news has been featured in the media and we are happy that we’ve helped someone else. It’s a win-win.

For our retained, regular clients, the story, however, is quite different. The Fusion team will put the exact same amount of effort in to who your audience is, and how to get to them, but it’s so much more than a one hit wonder.

We build on our already successful relationships with all relevant media outlets for you. Rather than just sending in a press release and hoping for the best, like some agencies might do, we talk to the editors and journalists to gain extra PR opportunities for you and become the first port of call when they are looking for something which might concern you or your business.

We might suggest a regular column or ‘soap box’ piece which raises you and your company’s profile as an expert in your field. We also set up interviews in magazines, radio or TV. We can also manage your social media campaigns which enhances you reputation even further. If you want us to organise press trips or attend exhibitions, no problem!

What’s more, we work with all of our regular clients to put a comprehensive marketing plan in place, so that you always have amazing new stories to shout about. Your media plan, whether its next month or next year is all planned and covered in the monthly cost. We also ensure that you get a comprehensive breakdown of exactly where your release has been featured. Don’t forget, as a full corporate communications agency, our media buyers can help you get the most out of your advertising budget, whilst our designers can help you with any new look you might want, whether it’s a new brochure, website, exhibition graphics or simply a refreshed company logo.

Retained PR versus one-off projects. Are you getting the picture yet? Just to make sure, here’s another way of looking at it:

One-off projects are great while they last, but all so often they have a sharp peak, but an equally sharp downward  trend.

Retained PR gains an enhanced position from the outset, a sustained generation of news and media opportunities whilst ensuring that you are always in the news whilst gaining a positive reputation.

You can, of course, enhance a one-off project by putting lots of effort into building your own PR coverage on the back of Fusion’s kick-start. Beware though, it can be hard work and you need to ensure you don’t take your foot off of the gas, otherwise you might just find your press coverage disappears again.

So, there you have it – Retained PR versus one-off projects – Explained!

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