Social Media is Great for Lead Generation

Social Media is Great for Lead Generation. There are still ways to harness platforms like Twitter and Facebook for the better good.The truth is, that there are much more effective ways you can be using social media to generate great leads for your company.

With only 30% of Americans saying that social media influences their purchasing decisions , we have to use creative methods to target out new clients that aren’t already following our companies and find ways to connect with those that either haven’t heard of us or haven’t had a chance to use our products.

Find Those Who Aren’t Familiar with Your Products

Now that we’ve acknowledged what doesn’t work on social media, let’s brainstorm some new plans of attack that can generate us more leads and push more sales. For example, if you were a local roofing company in the Birmingham area, what would you traditionally be doing with social media? Odds are, you’d probably have a Facebook page and would be trying to get all your friends and family to like you. But what good does that really do you? All you have managed to do is get those who already know about you to follow your page, and learned nothing relatively new about what you have to offer.

Social Media is Great for Lead Generation

The key here is to, find people who don’t know about you and are in need of some sort of roofing service. Whether it is scouring Twitter for those tweeting in your area about how the recent storm blew their roofs off or you come across a disgruntled former customer of one of your competitors, the way you go about acquiring leads has changed.

By finding these people who aren’t familiar with your products or services and connecting with them while their problem is still fresh in their minds you are much more likely to win over a new customer versus just have people like and share your content on Facebook. Plus, in reality, isn’t that what business is all about? Providing solutions to customers who are truly in need of your service.

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