The problem with buying people

The pitfalls of buying followers and automating posts on social media

In our latest monthly rambling, we take a look at the pitfalls of buying followers and automating posts on social media following a recent conversation with a company about a so-called social media professional selling a service and ‘promising’ over 100 new followers a month on a deal that seemed too good to be true.

You know what they say about things that appear too good to be true right?

Our first job was to begin to unravel what the ‘social media guru’ had promised the business that took up the deal. It’s fair to say; it took a while!


A series of complaints from Twitter users drew the businesses marketing team’s attention to something not being quite right. When they looked a little closer, they found out that a series of tweets had been automated and sent to around 200 Twitter users in just two days. All tweets were thanking them for the mention. The trouble was, none of them actually mentioned this particular business or their Twitter account. It’s no surprise the users were annoyed.

We can only assume this social media ‘guru’ had cold tweeted anyone talking about a relevant subject and claimed contact in order to begin conversations. In reality, it just annoyed people. Of course, it could be that there was some kind of error with an auto responder set up, but that shouldn’t of happened either. Mistakes can happen to the best of us from time to time, but they are easily rectified – not just left.

Buyer Beware

Don’t be tempted in increasing your social media followers by buying them or just following people so that they will follow you back. You will get your fingers burned. The key to growing your audience is a regular presence and REAL engagement. There are no short-cuts to growing an authentic and engaged following – no matter how much social media ‘gurus’ promise you the earth!

Don’t get us wrong, you CAN easily go out and buy Twitter followers, but what is the point? You can’t guarantee they’ll stay. They won’t have an interest in your business, and chances are that they will originate from a click farm in their back bedroom! At the end of the day, who want’s a follower that isn’t interested in your product/service or what you’ve got to say? Don’t play the numbers game. Go for real engagement and, if you really want to outsource your social media, have a chat with them first to check the ethics and methodology of whoever you’re considering of employing.

If you do decide that you want to outsource your social media marketing, call us to arrange a chat or meeting. We’re friendly, enthusiastic and we bring cakes!

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