Agrovista Amenity appoints Katy Richards

Agrovista Amenity has appointed Katy Richards as its new Digital Marketing Executive.

“I have already found my path – digital marketing is all I’ve ever wanted to do,” said Katy.

Born and raised in rural Shropshire, Katy wanted to experience ‘city life’ and it is for this reason that she opted to attend university in the heart of vibrant Birmingham. Her three-year degree course was Digital Marketing, and she was so keen to get started that she began working in a marketing role before she had even graduated.

Agrovista Amenity appoints Katy Richards“My degree course very much focused on the creative side of digital marketing and so working for a marketing agency also enabled me to learn the practical side,” she said.

Even after graduating, Katy continued to work for the marketing agency and was quickly promoted from an assistant to an executive – most notably after excelling in search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. However, after four years of experiencing ‘city life’ her heart still belonged in Shropshire.

“I discovered that it just isn’t for me,” she said. “I am very much a country girl and I needed more greenery back in my life. Therefore, I left the job in Birmingham and moved back to my family home in Shropshire.”

With an impressive marketing portfolio Katy started freelancing and worked on a variety of different projects for just over a year. She admitted to missing an office environment and the camaraderie of working in a team and it was at this point that she came across the job at Agrovista Amenity.

“The job obviously caught my eye because it was a digital marketing role, but it was the company culture which really appealed to me,” said Katy. “The amenity and agricultural aspects of Agrovista is all very much part of life when you live in a Shropshire village – it just felt a good fit for me.”

The office environment will have to wait a little longer after the country went back into lockdown on the day before her start date, but Katy is already settling into her new role.

“It is all very exciting and there is lots to do,” she said. “At the moment I am working on a variety of projects such as e-commerce, SEO, social media advertising and I’m also starting to learn HTML coding.

“I’m part of a great team here and my line manager, Siân Workman, has so many excellent plans in place – I’m looking forward to supporting her and playing an important role.

“We are all working from home at the moment,” Katy continued. “It is working really well, and the company has put some excellent procedures in place to ensure that we have excellent communication with one another.

“I find every aspect of this role fascinating and I’m very much looking forward to the road ahead.” 

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