Agrovista Amenity boosts export potential

Agrovista Amenity has further underlined its commitment to export by becoming a corporate member of the Institute of Export & International Trade.

Since Agrovista Amenity was launched many UK customers have benefited from a wider breadth of innovative products and specialist technical expertise. UK sport is a global spectacle and sets the standard for first class agronomy intelligence and natural playing surfaces.

Agrovista Amenity boosts export potential

There is, however, increasing pressure on grounds managers to produce the best playing surfaces and this in turn sees more demand for companies like Agrovista Amenity to provide new and innovative technologies.

With an experienced and motivated management team, the plan was always to explore new opportunities, and export was high on the agenda for Agrovista Amenity.

Although a vast range of the company’s products have already made an impression in various global markets, Export Manager Tom Challinor has revealed that the plan is to go even further.

“We want to grow export and the potential is absolutely there,” he said. “In the UK we are already one of the biggest amenity providers and now is the time to push on globally. I am fully focused on gradually building the export side of the business.”

With the company’s focus on sustainability, products such as those in Agrovista Amenity’s WhiptecBio range are becoming more sought after – especially due to the global initiative to reduce plastic waste. WhiptecBio tree and hedge guards are perfect for European nurseries and landscapers.

Agrovista Amenity’s diverse product range gives international customers a ‘one stop shop’ supplying everything from fertilisers, bio stimulants and micronutrients through to line marking paint, professional tools and equipment.

With excellent international logistics partners Agrovista can send products into Europe and Worldwide competitively and in good time.

The Institute of Export & International Trade is renowned for enhancing the export performance of the United Kingdom by setting and maintaining professional standards in international trade management and export practice. This is principally achieved by the provision of education, training and practical business support services.

“Having the corporate membership status gives us credibility, certainly when we are dealing with overseas customers. It shows that we are trusted exporters, which is essential especially in these current times.”

Tom admitted that the membership has come at a welcome time due to challenging and often complex trading conditions in international markets. He claims that the role of the Institute of Export & International Trade has never been more vital.

“With Brexit and the pandemic, export has become more complex,” he said. “The workload has increased, and everything is checked a lot more stringently now. Being up to date on changing legislation and customs formalities is crucial in successfully servicing our overseas customers and making sure our goods leave the UK and on to the destination country efficiently. This is where the support of the Institute will be beneficial with specific departments where we can access a host of information, such as legislation and customs advice. 

“Overall, this membership is a very positive step forward and I believe it will continue to help us export our products into Europe and worldwide.”

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