Agrovista UK announces depot upgrades

Agrovista UK is reinventing the way it distributes its wide range of products and that has started with a newly built depot in Melsonby and some significant upgrades in Allscott.

Ongoing improvements, developments and new initiatives are signalling exciting times for everyone connected with Agrovista UK. Staff, partners, suppliers, and customers are reaping the benefits of all the mechanisms being put in place, and the company’s latest focus has been on improving its storage and distribution.

Agrovista UK announces depot upgrades

The initiative perfectly captures the essence of Agrovista UK’s recently launched new campaign, which highlights its support for the arable and amenity industries that it specialises in.

The new #ForOurGrowers and #ForOurSports campaign celebrates the hard work of all involved in British farming and in British amenity – particularly following the unprecedented challenges experienced during recent times.

“We are striving to become the best in class in distribution and provide the best service we possibly can,” said Jamie Appleton – Agrovista UK National Supply Manager. “Our goal is to increase the capability of our teams and to ensure that our customers and our people are central to everything that we are doing.

“Historically, in terms of depots, we have centred ourselves on the outskirts of very rural communities in small holdings or farms. What that did, however, was create certain challenges, in terms of staffing, in terms of road networks and being able to reach out to all our customers on time.

“Melsonby, North Yorkshire, is the first purposely-built depot and is centred on the A1 and the A66 so drivers can reach the likes of Cumbria, Northumbria, and Yorkshire with a great level of ease. We can get products to our customers even quicker now.

“When we acquired Maxwell Amenity – we provided ourselves with a great power in the amenity sector and Allscott, Telford, is how we service our online customers. The recent upgrades at this depot have made us even stronger and it is our largest site across the company.”

Scott Hird, Depot Supervisor at the Melsonby depot and Jamie Harvey, Depot Manager at Allscott, were on hand to offer further insight into how this strategy is benefitting both staff and customers.


“We feel that we are now closer to our customers,” said Scott. “The Melsonby depot was built to replace a depot in Malpas, and it is much larger in size. We can hold more stock and we are delivering more products in a day than we ever did before. Because we are now closer to our customers, some even come directly to us to pick the products up if they really need them.

“Furthermore, the staff are all now on long-term contracts to ensure that we are more suited to the customers’ needs. They feel more valued and understand that there is always training available and opportunities for them to move through the business. It is a great atmosphere to be in daily.

“We had a clear vision of what we wanted to create at Melsonby and it is exactly how we wanted it to be. It wouldn’t have been possible without the team that were working at Malpas – we are working hard to keep the high standards that they originally set.”


“It is a highly professional and slick operation,” said Jamie Harvey. “We have re-racked the entire warehouse; the front offices have had a major renovation and look fantastic, and we are also developing a new warehouse.

“We have the resources in place to ensure that everybody gets the same service regardless of if they are a first-time buyer or have spent two million pounds on our products. Improving customer service was always top of the agenda and these upgrades have helped us to achieve this.

“The staff are also a lot happier. It is nice to work for a company where employee welfare is a massive part of what they are trying to accomplish. We’re not just numbers and that makes a huge difference.”

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