Biodegradable tree guards reduce environmental impact

A new range of biodegradable guards are now available, helping to reduce the environmental impact of planting new whips and improving landscape management.

WhiptecBio tree and hedge guards are made from recycled material and are 100% sustainable, biodegradable and compostable. Developed with expert arboriculturists during the past 14 years, the guards have been successfully trialled in a range of scenarios and are now available exclusively from Agrovista Amenity.

Biodegradable tree guards reduce environmental impact

Landscape Team Manager for Agrovista Amenity, Ed Smith, said: “Although they play a vital role in establishing young saplings, there has also been some negativity surrounding tree guards and their impact on the environment.

“The majority are single-use and not always removed once the tree or hedge has established, leaving micro plastics in the ground and posing a risk to wildlife if ingested.

“The new WhiptecBio range is a great solution. They offer all the usual benefits of plastic tree guards such as improved establishment and protection from grazing animals, whilst also being kinder to the environment.”

The average lifespan of the WhiptecBio range is around 3-4 years, due to the product containing a natural additive that makes the guards biodegradable and compostable. Flat packed and easy to install, the guards are secured with a cane, negating the need for plastic ties.

An additional benefit of the product degrading naturally is there is no need to remove the guards – easing the burden on landscape management and improving workload efficiency.

Ed added: “Tree planting is firmly on the Government’s agenda in order to offset carbon emissions and improve the UK’s sustainable credentials.

“Trees are also often planted to restrict flooding and are therefore near to watercourses. In those instances, using WhiptecBio tree guards is even more important to reduce the risk of plastics entering watercourses and damaging our ecosystem.

“Of course, there will be instances where traditional plastic tree guards are more suitable, such as if they are required for a longer period of time. But, it’s paramount that in those cases, the guards are removed once the trees have successfully established.

“As landscape professionals, we all have a role to play in reducing the environmental impact associated with our work. Something as simple as improving our use of tree guards will be a considerable contribution.”

WhiptecBio tree guards are manufactured by Ezee Tree and available to purchase through Agrovista Amenity.

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