Contributing to the bigger picture

Agrovista Amenity has been helping UK grounds managers to address new protocols and take steps to a safe return to sport through the use of a multipurpose disinfectant product.

The team has been advising the use of Huwa-San TR50 and TR-3 for safe and effective multi-use viricidal mode of action. Based on stabilised hydrogen peroxide, the product quickly inactivates Coronavirus and is safe on all surfaces with no rinse application.

Contributing to the bigger picture

Huwa-San also has efficacy against bacteria, mould, spores, fungi and mycobacteria and is biodegradable, breaking down to oxygen and water.

Head of Commercial for Agrovista Amenity, Dan Hughes said: “Providing our customers with the correct advice and support couldn’t have been more important, given recent times.

“Grounds managers want to ensure that new working protocols are in line with Government guidance, and that the risk to their staff, players, officials and the public can be minimised.

“Huwa-San is an effective solution for the current climate. It’s flexibility also means that it can be used across the board – in irrigation tanks, on hard surfaces such as machinery, and for hand-contact surfaces such as steering wheels, tools and equipment.”

The hydrogen peroxide solution found in Huwa-San TR-50 has increased stability thanks to the application of unique ionic silver stabilisation technology. This means that the product is powerful yet non-residual. It is also non-corrosive and biodegradable, as well as approved by the Health and Safety Executive, as a constant dose biocide for the control of legionella.

At 3% active H2O2, Huwa-San conforms to a number of EN standards for disinfection including; Virucide EN14476 and Bactericide: EN1276, EN13697, EN1656, EN13727, EN14561, EN14349, EN16437, EN13626. A systematic review published in the Journal of Hospital Infection demonstrated that a (H2O2) concentration of 0.5% achieved a Log4 (99.99%) inactivation of human coronavirus HCoV-229E within one minute.

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