H2Pro DewSmart

Everris Solve Dew Problems With New Product

Everris has announced an addition to its H2Pro range with the launch of a new product called DewSmart, which has been designed to prevent or reduce the formation of dew on grass leaf.

The forming of dew on grass blades can be problematic for turf managers because it can create ideal conditions for fungal diseases to thrive in. The moisture coating the leaf allows easy spread of fungal spores and the water droplets then combine with ‘guttation’ water to provide food for the fungal pathogens. Autumn, warm winter days and early spring present the greatest number of ‘dew days’ and many industry professionals have suffered as a result – that is until now.

H2Pro DewSmartH2Pro DewSmart is a newly formulated dew dispersant product for turf grass areas. The formulation contains specifically selected sticking and spreading surfactants that bond to the leaf surface and prevent moisture droplets from forming. Ideal for use on fine turf areas, DewSmart will ensure that playing surfaces are dew-free for early morning players.

Just a single application of H2Pro DewSmart will prevent dew forming for an extended time period, which reduces the need to switch or brush the greens on a daily basis – saving staff time. It will also provide protection over the weekend when switching might not take place. Furthermore, a cleaner cut will be possible because the surface will be drier.

DewSmart brings a number of advantages including:

• Specially formulated for long lasting effect; under optimum conditions 3-4 weeks control of dew can be achieved.
• When used as part of an integrated disease management programme H2Pro DewSmart can help reduce the risk of disease attack.
• Dew removal has been found to help promote higher levels of turf vigour.
• Reduces the need for regular early morning switching of dew from greens.
• Greens can be clear of dew for a cleaner cut and for the early morning golfer.
• Specially formulated to avoid scorch.
The product can be applied with a standard boom sprayer whenever it is needed to prevent dew from forming on the turf surface. H2Pro DewSmart has an immediate effect and best results are best achieved when applied under optimum conditions.

For further information, please contact Everris on 01473 237100 or visit www.everris.co.uk

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