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  • Print versus online print coverage

    Here at Fusion Media; we are often asked by clients which is better – print or online coverage? Christopher Bassett, Managing Director at Fusion Media, considers the issues of print versus online. I have a problem. As a PR professional I need to change the way I think about press coverage – I’ve been trying…

  • Fusion Media Selected to Handle Marketing for Sherriff Amenity

    Sherriff Amenity, one of the leading turf care and sports equipment suppliers in the UK, has chosen Fusion Media (Europe) Limited to handle PR and advertising activities in the UK. Formed in 1994, Sherriff Amenity has established a reputation as the industry leading supplier of professional products and specialist advice. Sherriff Amenity is a wholly…

  • Three Important Elements to a Successful Agency-Client Relationship

    Trust Trust has to be at the core of any relationship for it to work. This sentiment is especially true for new PR agency-client partnerships as feelings of anxiety and uncertainty are the norm when business owners step into the PR world for the first time. Once you’ve gone through the selection process for your…

  • PR Career Advice

    PR is one of the top career choices for graduates, but getting started is the first hurdle. The business environment is tougher now than ever and competition for limited vacancies is intense. Those who follow these tips stand a better chance of kick starting a successful career in public relations. Ten Things You Should Do:…

  • Editorial Charges and Separation Requests

    Pragmatism Pays – In the USA payment for editorial is rare, but in many parts of the world it is commonplace. Over the last decade separation charges, service charges or handling charges as they are often called, have become common in UK media. Here is a simple way to deal with editorial charge requests.

  • Misconceptions about PR

    “For years people have equated public relations with ‘spin’“, says Jane Wilson, CIPR CEO. “Taking the truth and representing it in a way that suits an agenda.” Wilson says that although PROs craft messages, the aim is not to tell people that up is down or that black is white, but to build understanding and trust, which can only be achieved if the activity is transparent, honest and engaging.

  • Dennis and SISIS choose Fusion Media to Handle PR Account

    Dennis and SISIS, divisions of the Howardson Group, a leading British manufacturer of innovative world class turf maintenance equipment, has announced a new strategic partnership with Fusion Media (Europe) Limited that will include working together on a variety of PR and digital media projects for both brands.

  • Why Mobile Matters for PR

    There are two rapidly expanding fields right now that have quite a lot in common. Both are finding brand new ways to adapt to today’s rapid pace world. And, to be honest, they need each other.

  • Kick start your sales plan for the New Year

    As a challenging year for many businesses draws to a close, it’s crucial that you take time to think about your sales strategy now so that you are able to maximise profits in the New Year.

  • Retained PR versus one-off projects – Explained

    We’re often asked about the benefits about becoming a retained Fusion client, rather than employing our team for one-off projects.

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