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  • Four Myths of Working in PR

    Four Myths of Working in PR. For an industry that builds awareness and shapes perception, public relations often struggles with its own image. If you work within the PR world, you’ve most likely had to explain more than a few times what it is you actually do when people ask you. PR is more widely encountered…

  • 5 tips to grow your Instagram following

    5 tips to grow your Instagram following. Instagram continues to dominate the social marketing scene in 2018 and brands, influencers and the general public continue to find ways to grow their follower count and engagement rate. Growing your Instagram profile is time-consuming work, especially if your business or lifestyle doesn’t necessarily lend itself to “viral” content. We…

  • 5 tips for successful video marketing

    5 tips for successful video marketing. While going viral should never be the objective of your video marketing campaign, the term itself has seemed to have taken off this year. We’ve all been hearing lots of stats like these: video marketing will account for 69% of all consumer traffic, mobile video ads will grow 5 times faster…

  • Twitter users will see more news links in timelines

    News often breaks on Twitter and users are about to see more articles and trending stories in their timelines. Twitter is rolling out a new feature to all users (including those on desktop, Android and iOS) that pushes links tweeted by members of your network into your timeline. It also groups additional tweets about the…

  • Social Media Advice You Should Ignore

    Social Media Advice You Should Ignore. There are a lot of so-called “social media experts” dishing out advice, sometimes based on limited experiences, and sometimes based on nothing at all. Even the true social media experts sometimes share some misguided advice based on their beliefs and experiences. So with all this bad advice out there, how…

  • Building and maintaining relationships on Twitter

    Building and maintaining relationships on Twitter. In this latest blog post, learn how to build and maintain relationships with the local businesses or people you want to. The first step is pretty simple. Follow them. If you want to build a relationship with someone on Twitter, why wouldn’t you follow them? Interacting on Twitter is also…

  • Are press releases still necessary?

    Are press releases still necessary? Is the press release an antique? In this age of digital media where most news is gathered from the internet, it can be easy to assume that distributing your company’s news via social media alone is adequate—but news distributed solely on social media may not get the attention it deserves. This…

  • Tips for writing better captions on Instagram

    Oh, the elusive perfect Instagram caption. Have you ever sat with a photo loaded and edited on Instagram and didn’t post for hours because you couldn’t come up with a caption you liked? In case you, or people you know, ever go through this, here are four steps for writing an outstanding Instagram caption: 1….

  • What no one tells you about working in Public Relations

    What no one tells you about working in Public Relations. In our latest blog, Fusion Media Managing Director Christopher Bassett, gives a light hearted insight of what no one tells you about working in public relations. Beyond earning a degree in Public Relations and learning from numerous peers along the way, the best thing to prepare…

  • Why your company should adopt a social media policy

    Why your company should adopt a social media policy. A social media policy can protect your company from embarrassment, not to mention wasted time and money. Here’s our top tips on how: If social media can help employers weed out bad candidates during the hiring process and keep company culture strong once someone has been hired,…

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