ICL launches new treatment for Broad-leaved weeds

ICL has announced the launch of Esteron T – a new low volume, dual action selective herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds in managed amenity turf and domestic lawns.

Renowned for its market leading products to help maximise the performance of turf and landscape areas, ICL continues to live up to its reputation by introducing new and innovative products on a regular basis.

ESTERTON T from ICL to control broad leafed weedsEsteron T is an extremely effective selective turf herbicide containing the active ingredients florasulam and 2,4-D. It has been designed for the control of weeds in sports and amenity turf as well as domestic lawns and combats a broad range of weeds including Dandelion, Daisy and White Clover.

Esteron T’s low rate formulation (1.2 L/ha) can be applied at low water volumes (100-400 L/ha) and for best results it should be applied when weeds are in active growth, normally between March and October when the soil is moist.

Rainfast in just one hour, Esteron T comes in a pack size of 5 litres and one treatment a year is all it needs to make a dramatic impact.

2016 has already seen the company launch two new cleaning products in the form of Sp0tless, for the cleaning and decontamination of spraying equipment, and Ranger – a hard surface cleaner. These products were followed shortly by Colour Pro Indicator – an advanced spray pattern indicator and pHixer – a specialist water conditioner that adjusts spray tank water to an optimum pH level of 4.0 – 5.0.

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