ICL to supply Bayer Finale 150

ICL continues to develop its presence in the Landscape and Industrial market sector with the announcement that they have reached an agreement with Bayer Environmental to be their working partner and exclusive supplier of Finale 150.

Finale 150 is a foliar contact herbicide manufactured by Bayer and contains 150g/L of glufosinate-ammonium.

This powerful and popular herbicide, that gained hard surface approval in 2015, is designed to provide a high level of control over annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds and can be applied over a wide range of amenity and industrial situations.

Finale 150 is approved for use on natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, permeable surfaces overlaying soils, hard surfaces, along fence lines and in managed amenity turf for line-marking preparation.

ICL to supply Bayer Finale 150With the onset of weed growth, Finale 150 provides a welcome addition to professional weed control companies looking for an alternative product that can be used for hard surface weed control. Extensive trials conducted last year revealed the product to be the most effective way to control Field Horsetail (Equisetum arvense).

Finale 150 was tested in two different settings – on a natural surface not intended to bear vegetation with a long established Horsetail issue and on a paved surface which was also heavily infested with Horsetail. The trials compared the efficacy of a 360g/L formulation of Glyphosate, a tank mix of a 360g/L of Glyphosate and Finale 150, Finale 150 as a single application, and Finale 150 with two applications 28 days apart.

The results exceeded all expectations – Finale 150 was the only product to have an immediate impact, visible results were seen after just 48 hours versus up to 14 days for Glyphosate. Whilst control of the Horsetail was rapidly achieved with just one application, it was found that the best levels of control were achieved by making two applications of Finale 150, 28 days apart.

The active ingredient glufosinate-ammonium, possesses a unique mode of action which is a vital tool in weed resistance management. As a foliar contact herbicide Finale 150 is absorbed by the plant through its leaves and other green parts providing rapid control.

Finale can also be used for preparing sports turf for line marking.

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