ICLs market leading spreaders Turn blue and white

ICL has announced that its range of market leading rotary spreaders have undergone a colour transformation from green and orange to blue and white to represent the new corporate colours.

The AccuPro 2000 and SR-2000 – the number one choice of spreaders for groundsmen, greenkeepers and landscapers are renowned for accurately delivering seeds, fertilisers and top dressing.

Up until now, these popular spreaders have graced the likes of fairways, sports fields and landscapes in their signature green and orange colour.

However, in line with new company branding both the AccuPro 2000 and SR-2000’s hopper will now be manufactured in ICL’s shade of blue.

ICLs market leading spreaders Turn blue and whiteWhile the spreaders will be sporting new colours, the specifications will remain exactly the same, continuing to offer turf managers the very best in application efficiency.

Both models have been designed and built with quality, durability and cost effectiveness in mind.

Each spreader is manufactured to the highest industry standards, using high spec materials throughout the manufacturing and construction process, ensuring each meets ICL’s stringent quality control standards.

AccuPro 2000 key features:

  • Large pneumatic tyres
  • Durable large diameter frame
  • Patented Helical Cone for a uniform, consistent spread pattern
  • Extended handle with tuff-foam grips for added comfort

The SR-2000 has all the features of the AccuPro 2000 plus:

  • Large diameter, more durable stainless steel frame
  • Positive on/off side deflector provides effective product delivery control
  • Standard port shut-off control for greater application efficiency

Both the AccuPro 2000 and SR-2000 are ideal for applying fertiliser to larger areas and boast an extremely fast application process as well as an accurate spread.

By adjusting the helical cone, the location of the fertiliser coming from the hopper to the spinning disc can be adjusted and, therefore, fine-tuned to give a consistent spread pattern and left/right swath width.

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