Leave an impression that will be the talk of the clubhouse

Bunkers are a regular clubhouse talking point – often as a negative one – but leading supplier of golf course supplies Sherriff Amenity now offers something that will raise their profile favourably and be a useful course care aid – the Bunkerstamp.

Bunker StampIt is a specially made polymer rubber mould, measuring 57cm x 33cm, with the words ‘Thanks for raking’ and the image of a bunker rake. This means of providing clubs with a gentle, novel and effective reminder to members and players to do the right thing after playing a bunker shot is already creating quite a buzz at many of its golf club customers, says Kevin Whitby, marketing manager at Sherriff Amenity.

“All greenstaff have to do after raking is step firmly on to the Bunkerstamp to leave an impression in the bunker surface”.

In normal weather conditions a Bunkerstamp impression will last all day with very little deterioration. It is a way of saying thank you to golfers for helping to look after the course.

The Bunkerstamp, which should last many years, comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee.

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