New addition to ICL’s Greenmaster Pro-Lite range

New addition to ICL’s Greenmaster Pro-Lite range. ICL has announced the launch of an upgrade to its autumn/winter fine turf fertilizer range.

Greenmaster Pro-Lite Invigorator Plus 4-0-14 +8Fe +2MgO is a new formulation to fit within the autumn/winter turf range with higher iron and potassium content than the original Invigorator.

Over recent years, ICL’s Greenmaster Pro-Lite fertilizers have gained a reputation as an outstanding micro-granular fertilizer range, for high quality, fine turf nutrition. With eleven various formulations within the range, Greenmaster Pro-Lite offers a solution for every requirement in every season.

New addition to ICL’s Greenmaster Pro-Lite range“The new formulation Invigorator Plus has been developed to give an improved colour response and greater longevity,” says Henry Bechelet, Technical Sales Manager for ICL Turf & Landscape in the UK & Ireland. “It is designed to sustain turf health through autumn, winter and spring and help reduce the risk of disease and moss invasion into high quality turf. We are excited about this new formulation because it contains the mineral polyhalite, which we have found can bring enhanced turf colour and quality responses.”

Polyhalite is an organic multi-fertilizer which contains sulphur, potassium, magnesium and calcium which are all fully available to the plant. Deposited over 200 million years ago, it is a complex crystal product which has been discovered at a depth of 1300 metres below the earth’s surface under the North Sea and is mined at ICL’s own mine in Cleveland.

With polyhalite now included in a number of ICL fertilizers, turf managers have been quick to report excellent results and Henry believes that this trend is set to continue with the launch of Invigorator Plus.

“This new analysis was tested against various alternatives and proved to be the best in terms of turf colour, quality and longevity. We know that the original Greenmaster Invigorator already has a loyal following and so we are running the Invigorator Plus alongside its sister formulation. We hope that everyone using Invigorator Plus this autumn and winter will see the added benefits of this new formulation.”

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