Roundup ProVantage the go-to glyphosate

Keith Gallacher, Director of Complete Weed Control Scotland South East, has revealed why he chooses to use Roundup ProVantage from ICL above all other glyphosate herbicides.

Roundup ProVantage, a glyphosate-based herbicide, sets the standards in weed control. The optimised blend of surfactants as well as the high loading makes Roundup ProVantage the most advanced amenity glyphosate on the market.

Roundup ProVantage the go-to glyphosate

Keith, who purchases Roundup ProVantage from ICL, believes that there is no other product that compares.

“There is a huge difference between Roundup ProVantage and other glyphosate herbicides on the market. The product has been very successful for us. As a business we want to be utilising the very best products and this is why RoundUp ProVantage is our go-to product.”

Roundup ProVantage offers superior performance – with improved rain-fastness and speed of uptake. Rainfast in one hour for annuals and four hours for perennials, this product reduces the risk of run off and ensures the maximum amount of glyphosate reaches the roots for the optimum effectiveness.

“Depending on the weather we can start seeing results within 7 days especially with the harder weeds such as the invasives. We’ve had outstanding results on large infestations of Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed and there is no need to add any adjuvants to it because it is so highly loaded. Typically, we apply it just twice a year which is enough to achieve a very high standard of control.

“Another benefit is its rain-fastness, which is very important – especially in Scotland. You can tell the client that it will still be working within an hour and it absolutely does.”

The effectiveness of Roundup ProVantage herbicide, and its favourable environmental characteristics, have combined to make it one of the most widely used and trusted herbicides in the world. The undiluted product has such a high safety profile that it is not even classified by the World Health Organisation in relation to toxicity from either oral ingestion or dermal absorption and has been deemed as safe for both humans and wildlife.

“From an occupational health point of view, we can confidently turn round to our staff and clients and assure them that Roundup Pro-Vantage is one of the safest glyphosates on the market. It is peace of mind for us and peace of mind for our clients.

“I also think that the information available on the product and the back-up service from ICL is second to none. Knowing that we have access to that information and back-up is vital.

“We can confidently speak to the likes of councils about the benefits of the product and this is a big positive.

“In my opinion this is the best performing glyphosate on the market.”

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