SALTEX Eco Village products announced

The Eco Village at SALTEX 2021, sponsored by Avant UK, will feature a programme of daily demonstrations of cutting-edge sustainable technology – offering visitors an opportunity of seeing a number of products in action.

Across the two-day event, visitors can expect to see the following products being demonstrated in a dedicated area on the show floor.

SALTEX Eco Village products announced

Avant UK – Leguan 135 NEO

The Leguan 135 NEO represents a new generation of spider lifts, combining easy-to-use interface, heavy lifting capacity, and efficiency-enhancing technology. The state-of-the-art joystick control allows simultaneous use of multiple boom movements with just one hand. Setting-up or finishing the operation is efficient with the help of the smart automatic levelling function and the home function that brings booms automatically back to transport position.

Avant UK – e6 Loader

The Avant e6 is the first compact loader with a lithium-ion battery. The e6 can be fully charged in just over an hour and you can operate between two to four hours with a full battery. The short charge time will practically allow you to work a full workday with because you can charge the battery during your lunch break to full again.

Dennis – ES-860

This 34″ battery powered turf management system delivers maximum versatility and the range of 13 interchangeable cassettes provide a solution to many day-to-day maintenance tasks such as cutting, scarifying and brushing. The power of the battery system ensures the machine is capable of cutting at least 2 pitches on a single charge or verticutting a full pitch without anxiety.

Dennis – ES-510

The ES-510 is more than capable of cutting 4-5 bowling greens or approx. 10km on just one single charge. Furthermore, it features a rapid 2-3 hour recharge. As with every model in the Dennis E-Series, the ES-510 has a robust LCD keypad screen which provides the operator with a multitude of information options including speed, clip rate, service checks, lifetime running reports and battery information.

Campey Turf Care Systems – AllTrec Tool Carrier

Mowing, brushing, thermal weed control, leaf blowing, and hedge trimming can be done CO2 emissions-free with the AllTrec Tool Carrier. The 100% electric machine can work all year round on regular maintenance and uses a universal hooking system that enables operators to easily carry out different activities in one day.

Overton UK – Mean Green Rival Mower

The Mean Green range of electric commercial mowers have been manufactured in the US for almost 12 years and this will be Overton UK’s 6th year of exhibiting them at SALTEX. With up to 7 hours of continuous mowing time, the choice of a 52″ or 60″ deck, speeds up to 11.5 mph, and horsepower comparable to a 36hp gas mower, the Rival zero turn mower is sure to please most mowing operators.

GroundWOW® – SFX Pro

A genuine world first technology, GroundWOW® SFX Pro can print any logo, any colour, any size, on any surface. Deployable in under 10 mins, autonomous vehicle technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and an end-to-end Cloud SAAS (Software As A Service) platform combine to create ground-printed images as accurate as a blade of grass.

Toro UK – HD Proline

The Toro® 60V HD Proline features a 6mm thick cast aluminium deck and is designed to withstand the demands from professional gardeners and landscapers. The 60V HD Proline is the ideal choice for those with slightly larger areas of land, where a standard consumer lawnmower would not be suitable, and a ride on would be too large an investment – the 60V HD Proline fits perfectly in this gap.

Allett Mowers – to be unveiled at the show

The company is keeping all information under wraps until the show. Managing Director Austin Jarrett said: “Battery power is our future at Allett. Our battery products, first launched only 5 years ago at SALTEX, have now become our biggest selling mowers. Our customers love the quietness, efficiency and cleanliness of these electric products and are choosing these models instead of traditional engine powered mowers.”

You can view the Eco Village demonstration timetable here.

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