Sherriff Amenity at SALTEX 2019

New products and an award-winning app

New organic, chemical-free biochar products and an upgraded award-winning turf management app will be showcased on the Sherriff Amenity stand (E060) at SALTEX 2019.

Sherriff Amenity at SALTEX 2019

On the first day of SALTEX 2018, Sherriff Amenity’s ground-breaking new app, PrecisionPro, was announced as the winner of the second, annual SALTEX Innovation Award. In the past year the unique app has been praised far and wide by turf managers.

PrecisionPro allows turf managers to have an accurate measured area by simply opening the app and walking the perimeter of the area. Calibrating spreaders has always been a difficult task but with the Calibrate feature in the PrecisionPro app, users are guided through each step of the process. Furthermore, its advanced GPS functionality informs the user when to start and stop the calibration process.

The app also features a function to ensure that every operator walks at the same speed – if someone is walking too fast or too slow then they are alerted by colour coded screens. As well as calculating the g/m2 and the operator’s walking speed, the Apply feature ultimately ensures that the exact amount of nutrition is being applied to the turf.

Now, PrecisionPro is returning to SALTEX 2019 with some beneficial updates including a new mapping function, a rain shroud and an updated user interface. Furthermore, one lucky visitor to the Sherriff Amenity stand will get the opportunity to walk away with the brand new app.

Sherriff Amenity is the exclusive UK distributor of Carbon Gold’s Enriched Biochar Turf Improver, and the two companies will be joining forces at SALTEX 2019. Carbon Gold’s aim is to increase soil fertility and improve turf health through the use of biochar-based products and visitors to the stand will be able to find out more about these exceptional offerings including the all-new Biochar Raw and Biology Blend.

Enriched Biochar Turf Improver is a highly porous, high carbon form of charcoal used to improve soil nutrition, growing conditions and turf health. It is made from untreated waste woody biomass that has been charred at a low temperature with a restricted supply of oxygen, a process called pyrolysis.

Carbon Gold’s Turf Improver enriches biochar with optimum levels of beneficial fungi, bacteria and trace minerals for optimum soil and sward health. Where prevention rather than cure is key, adding enriched biochar to soil provides the foundation on which to build resilient, attractive, playable turf, as recent sports turf trials have shown.

The new Biochar Raw is recalcitrant and porous, making it a permanent refuge for beneficial microbiology. Biochar Raw is applied in lower rates over several seasons which will build the carbon up in levels adding the biology separately at optimal times with the new Biology Blend.

Throughout the two-day event representatives from both Sherriff Amenity and Carbon Gold will be available to discuss and assist with any turf related queries you may have.

For further information, please contact Sherriff Amenity on 01638 721 888 or visit