Sherriff Amenity create ‘mirror-like’ pond at Exeter Golf and Country Club

Course Manager praises Sherriff Amenity

After a number of improvements were made to the stunning eighteen hole golf course at Exeter Golf and Country Club, course manager John Parr encountered a problem with the newly built pond on the eighteenth hole. To find a solution to the problem he sought the advice of Sherriff Amenity.

Located on the edge of Devon’s historic capital, Exeter Golf and Country Club, is one of the finest eighteen hole golf courses in the South West. Designed by five times Open Champion James Braid, the course offers year-round play, pristine greens and state of the art facilities.

Standards are extremely important to this prestigious club and it is for this reason that plans were put in place to make some significant alterations to the golf course. Of which, was the installation of an impressive pond on the newly re-designed eighteenth hole. However, after the initial filling, the water started to discolour so John decided to get in touch with David Chammings – amenity specialist for Sherriff Amenity. David visited the site and identified the problem immediately.

Exeter GC“At the initial consultation, it was clear to see that the lack of natural water flow into the pond was the cause, as algae had already begun to build up after a couple of weeks, leaving the water discoloured,” he said.

Following the site visit, David devised a monthly programme which included Sherriff Amenity products LakePak WSP and Black Out.

LakePak WSP is a concentrated microbial product containing a proprietary blend of bacillus bacterial strains that biodegrade nutrients, organic matter and hydrocarbons to reduce foul odours and sludge in water. Renowned for improving water clarity and quality, LakePak is also non-toxic to fish, humans and other animals – making it the perfect product for countryside based Exeter Golf and Country Club.

To further enhance the aesthetic qualities of the lake, David decided to use Black Out because of its ability to transform pale, off-coloured water to a decorative, mirror like black colour. This highly concentrated lake and pond colourant also poses no threat to wildlife as it does not harm or discolour any of the lake’s residents. It works by acting as a shading barrier on the surface of the water to inhibit algae’s main food source – ultraviolet light, whilst allowing other light sources to pass.

Black Out gets to work straight away and John has been extremely impressed with the results.

“Just days after the programme started, there was a remarkable visible difference to water quality, and the Black Out has given us a great mirror finish, as well as keeping the lake healthy,” he said.

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