Sherriff Amenity Introduces Greener Winter with Benefits

A product designed to add colour and bring benefits to fine turf during pre-dormant and dormant times of year is being introduced into the UK for the first time by Sherriff Amenity, one of the leading turf care and sports equipment suppliers.

Manufactured by BASF, it is a natural green colourant called Transition HC, formulated to extend autumn growth into winter and bring forward early spring growth, while at the same time giving a pleasing sward colour even in the depths of winter.

Transition HCThe formulation improves turf quality over winter too and is particularly aimed at golf courses and other fine turf facilities where presentation can be challenged by nature over non-growing periods.

The product contains Colorlock technology, which guarantees uniform, consistent and lasting natural turf colour, never fading to blue as some turf colourants do. On the golf course it can also has the effect of extending the playing season.

Already highly successful in the USA and Scandinavia, Transition HC works to aid turf in dormant periods of the year by means of specially formulated pigments, which raise the level of solar radiation absorption, putting up the surface temperature.

This actually keeps grass in growing mode longer and even helps speed up the thaw of ice and snow in the worst of winter. Turf managers can also use it effectively as part of their winter care programme to stave off the injurious effects of harsh conditions and encourage swift and natural spring green-up.

Transition HC is available from Sherriff Amenity in 2.5 litre packs. It is for water mixing and spray application at a rate of 2.5 L/ha between September and April, and re-application over winter may be every four weeks to maintain desired turf colour. The use of flat-fan spray nozzles is recommended for optimum uniform coverage.

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