Sherriff Amenity Launch New Bio-Stimulant Range

Sherriff Amenity has announced the launch of a new range of Amino, Humic and Fulvic Acid bio-stimulant products designed to improve plant health and root growth.

Sherriff Amenity has established a reputation as the industry leading supplier of professional products and specialist advice. The company’s investment in research and development enables them to continue to provide innovative new products, ideas and solutions to their customers on a regular basis.

Sherriff Amenity has now further added to its comprehensive product portfolio by announcing the launch of three new bio-stimulants – Amino Root, Rapid Root and HumiK Pro. The new products have been shown to influence several metabolic processes such as respiration, photosynthesis, nucleic acid synthesis and ion uptake. They can enhance nutrient availability, water holding capacity and metabolism whilst increasing production of antioxidants and chlorophyll.

BIO-STIM RANGE-Sherriff AmenityEach of these new products have unique key features which go a long way in maintaining healthy turf.

Amino Turf: This effective anti-stress bio-stimulant, contains the maximum concentration of free amino acids and is enhanced with nitrogen for faster and more efficient recovery of grass after abiotic stress. Amino Turf helps the grass conserve energy otherwise used for the production of L-amino acids. It also stimulates soil microbial production of organic acids, providing further support for the requirements of the turf.

Rapid Root: a soil conditioner and root enhancer product, contains natural humic substances and amino acids to reduce environmental stresses and to relieve the effects of wear under playing conditions. The product acts directly to stimulate soil microbial activity around roots and promotes improvement in water and nutrient uptake. Added NPK and micronutrients ensure the grass is supported for growth and recovery.

HumiK Pro: For improving the health and performance of established turf, HumiK Pro provides essential support for the renovation and development of playing surfaces. Containing a high level of humic and fulvic acids it relieves plant stress during critical periods of growth. This high quality unique formulation with added phosphorus aids seed germination and rapid root development. It can be applied for hardening the turf and stimulating growth and recovery under periods of stress.

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