Sherriff Amenity Launch TurfHealth Packages

Sherriff Amenity Launch TurfHealth Packages. Sherriff Amenity have announced the launch of TurfHealth Packages, which are set to offer turf managers a combination of products within the Sherriff Amenity portfolio and provide them with all-year round tank-mix options.

There are currently twelve combinations available through TurfHealth Packages which present turf managers with options for a number of requirements – from mixes to help strengthen the plant during high disease pressure periods, to mixes incorporating seaweeds, biostimulants and wetting agents to help with drought stress.

Sherriff Amenity Launch TurfHealth Packages

Furthermore, Sherriff Amenity have reduced the prices of each product within the packages, so customers will see savings on every package they purchase.

TurfHealth Package 1

Products: E2 Pro PhosRite and Green Lawnger TR

A phosphite and pigment combination to support the grass against disease and to promote a natural even colour. An ideal package for the autumn and winter months as growth and recovery rates decline.

TurfHealth Package 2

Products: E2 Pro PhosRite, Green Lawnger TR and GoGreen Plus

All the features of TurfHealth Package1 but with the added benefit of GoGreen Plus – a sulphur free complexed iron for rapid green-up and hardening of the sward.

TurfHealth Package 3

Products: Calsal, GoGreen Plus and Magflo 300

The 100% availability of nitrate in Calsal is the ideal support for early season growth. Combined with the rapid greening and sulphur free formulation of GoGreen Plus and magnesium in Magflo 300, there is a strong colour response and strengthening of the turf against disease.

TurfHealth Package 4

Products: Calsal, GoGreen Plus and Krista-Mag

An ideal tank-mix for growth at low temperature, incorporating the 100% availability of calcium and magnesium nitrate with the strong greening effect of GoGreen Plus, into a sulphur free formulation.

TurfHealth Package 5

Products: Rootmass Plus, Magflo300 and Greenmaster Step Liquid

Rootmass Plus provides a strong focus on supporting spring and autumn root development. The use of Greenmaster Step Liquid helps to replenish micronutrients. Magflo300 extends the greening response by helping to form chlorophyll.

TurfHealth Package 6

Products: Rootmass Plus, GoGreen Plus, Magflo 300 and E2 Pro PhosRite

Rootmass Plus with its high concentration of cold process seaweed extract, humic/fulvic acid and chelated iron, tank-mixed with GoGreen Plus, a sulphur free complex iron. Magflo 300, for an even more enhanced greening effect. E2 Pro PhosRite contains phosphite, widely recognised to enhance disease resistance.

TurfHealth Package 7

Products: GoGreen Energy and E2 Pro PhosRite.

GoGreen Energy provides optimum results when the plant is under stress conditions. A low NPK analysis and a wetter/spreader make a great plant health product when mixed with E2 Pro PhosRite. It’s benefits of promoting strong healthy growth with enhanced rooting makes this package a perfect stress busting turf health mix.

TurfHealth Package 8

Products: Aqua-Zorb 45, Amino Turf and Seavolution

A wetting agent and plant biostimulant mix, ideal support for turf under pressure from drought and physical wear.

TurfHealth Package 9

Products: Aqua-Zorb 45 and Rapid Root

Aqua-Zorb 45 is a key water management tool that can help prevent and correct localised dry patch. When mixed with Seavolution, a quality cold processed seaweed extract, the formulation combats the effects of parasitic nematodes and fungal pathogens. Complemented with Amino Turf, TH9 is a perfect summer turf health mix for growth and recovery.

TurfHealth Package 10

Products: Green Lawnger Pro HC, GoGreen Plus and E2 Pro PhosRite

Green Lawnger Pro HC is particularly beneficial in deteriorating light conditions. The combined effects of complexed iron in GoGreen Plus, further enhances the greening response and with the added benefit of E2 Pro PhosRite, this package serves to strengthen and protect the turf against disease.

TurfHealth Package 11

Products: Amino Turf, Rapid Root and Seavolution

A strong broad spectrum biostimulant mix, combining the high quality cold processed seaweed extract found in Seavolution with the high humic/fulvic acid concentration of Rapid Root and the maximum availability of amino acids in Amino Turf. TH11 will also help to improve cation exchange capacity, nutrient availability and root development.

TurfHealth Package 12

Products: K-Max, Go Green Plus and E2 Pro PhosRite

K-Max with 11% nitrogen and 39% potassium, makes this a perfect product for autumn use when it is important to discourage disease associated with lush growth, but it is still necessary to stimulate a response following renovation. With the benefits of GoGreen Plus, a sulphur free, complexed iron for rapid green-up and hardening of the sward, with the addition of phosphite in E2 Pro PhosRite, TH12 is a great mix for repair after a long and stressful summer.

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