Sherriff Amenity Launch Two New Fungicide Tank Mixes

 Sherriff Amenity is pleased to announce the addition of two new fungicide tank mixes to its comprehensive portfolio.

Sherriff Amenity, providers of the most comprehensive range of products and services to the UK amenity and landscape markets, has a clear vision – to continue to provide innovative new products, ideas and solutions to its broad range of customers.

The company’s trial programmes at the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) and other independent research organisations worldwide have provided them with the data and technical information which enables them to deliver innovations on a regular basis.

In line with this philosophy, the company has added two new Microdochium Patch tank mixes to its portfolio, bringing the fungicide offerings to an impressive fifteen.
Sherriff Amenity Launch Two New Fungicide Tank Mixes

All of the tank mixes have been designed to combine fungicides, nutrients and adjuvants, helping to control major turf diseases including Microdochium Patch (Fusarium patch), Dollar Spot, Anthracnose, Leaf Spot, Take-all and Fairy Ring.

Microdochium Patch is the most common and widespread disease in managed amenity turf in the UK and it can be exceptionally damaging.

Therefore turf managers will be delighted to hear of the new MP1 and MP3 packages.

MP1 combines Headway – a fungicide that contains azoxystrobin and propiconazole in a Maxx formulation with Seavolution – a market leading cold process seaweed extract.

Trials have shown Headway to be an outstanding treatment for Microdochium patch, whilst Seavolution encourages disease infected areas to recover, and in turn optimising turf quality.

The new MP3 package brings together the unique meso-stemic translaminar activity of Scorpio with GoGreen Plus – a market leading complexed iron, which encourages disease infected areas to recover, optimising turf quality, and controlling Microdochium patch.

The resulting mixture provides a reliable and longer lasting preventative treatment.

With Sherriff Amenity’s extended range of fungicide tank mixes, turf managers now have the ultimate opportunity to dramatically reduce the risk of disease.

Recovery time from disease can also be reduced and users will see some substantial improvements to the quality of the turf.

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