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Agrovista UK electrifying delivery fleet

Agrovista UK has started its journey towards replacing its delivery fleet with electric powered vehicles.

Agrovista UK is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and recently revealed that it has already set out a new range of measures and commitments designed to improve the health of the planet.

Agrovista UK electrifying delivery fleet

Chris Sprigg, Strategy and Planning Manager, offered a greater insight: “The use of diesel is our biggest CO2 emission so if we can move to a sustainable electricity supply as an alternative then that will put us on the right track towards our net carbon zero objectives. We have already moved onto electric vehicles for our car fleet, and I’m pleased to say that we currently have 44 vehicles in this respect.

“Furthermore, we have already started to install electric vehicle charging points at the depots and the objective is to have every depot installed with charging points by the end of 2022.

“This gives us a good starting point but the biggest impact we can make is if we are able to fully electrify our delivery fleet. We have already started this process and it is extremely exciting.”

Over recent years there have been phenomenal developments in electric and battery-powered technology and manufacturers have been quick to embrace it. In many sectors there are now a wide range of alternatives to diesel and petrol – whether it be in the form of machinery, tools, or vehicles. There is however still an element of range anxiety (a fear that a vehicle has insufficient range to reach its destination) and Chris admits that he is no exception.

“The thing that we really are nervous about is range anxiety – which is a real issue,” he said. “It has to be a change of mind and attitude and we must make sure that this not only fits our green credentials, but it must also fit commercially too. It needs to be absolutely the right solution for us and our customer.”

Agrovista UK has already begun testing a range of potential electric vans and Chris revealed that the trials are being carried out by the company’s delivery drivers.

“We have had some really good feedback from the drivers to say that they like driving them, that they like the experience, and that they think it is the way to go. They have said that they are proud to be part of this very forward-thinking initiative.

“Now we need to find the right vehicle that will help us to achieve the support we need to give our customers through a fleet of electric vehicles. Let us not forget that our customers also have emission targets, and this is all part of the process.

“We need to develop what we have learnt from the trials and continue to try different vehicles,” he continued. “It will be a gradual transition rather than in one big hit and maybe in five years’ time I’d hope to see electric delivery vans fully integrated into the fleet.”

For more information about Agrovista UK, visit www.agrovista.co.uk/