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All signs point to Agrovista Amenity

From fertilisers to furniture, advice to analysis – Truro Golf Club claims that Agrovista Amenity is one of its most trusted suppliers.

Located in the Cornish countryside, this 18-hole, par 67 parkland course stretches a total of 5,372 yards. It is a tight course with surprising slopes which presents a challenging test for low handicap players and enjoyable golf for all.

All signs point to Agrovista Amenity

Head Greenkeeper Dominic Gibbard, who oversees the greenkeeping team, is proud of Truro’s thriving membership and claims that two-way relationships with reputable suppliers, such as Agrovista Amenity, are essential.

“David Bevan, (Amenity Specialist for Agrovista Amenity) is one of my most trusted reps because I know he has been there and done it,” he said. “He’s worked on some very good golf courses around the UK and in Europe, and whenever I have a question or have any ideas, he is usually the first guy I talk to. He always gives me impartial advice and I respect this approach.”

Therefore, when Dominic thought that the time had come to upgrade Truro’s course signs, he enlisted the help of David.

“Course furniture is so important, because they offer nice, finishing touches around the course,” said Dominic. “Golfers notice things like signs and benches, so we have taken our time to really find the right product.”

Immediately David got in touch with British Manufacturing Solutions (BMS), which is a family run business specialising in professional golf course products, signage, flags and more. David arranged for some samples to be sent down to Truro Golf Club and Dominic opted for signs from BMS’ Noroko range.

Unlike real wood, Noroko from BMS, never needs treatment or painting. Made from recycled plastic it is UV resistant so the authentic alternative wood-like look will remain for many years. Furthermore, Noroko is able to withstand any weather or temperature change.

“We’ve got a sign on each tee, and we’ve also got the matching tee markers,” said Dominic. “They are durable and really set the course off. We have had lots of great comments from the members.

“It is another integral product David has recommended.”

Dominic singled out four of these integral products for praise: E² PRO phosrite – a liquid fertiliser, Bullet Recharge – a sustainably sourced, zinc, manganese, copper and sulphur fertiliser recovered from recycled alkaline batteries; Humimax – a liquid humate product derived from a naturally occurring source and Biomass Sugar – a product which stimulates growth of both leaf and root.

“I normally use E² PRO phosrite and Bullett Recharge after my autumn maintenance and these would be applied monthly until the end of February. These two products have helped to harden the plant through winter and have significantly supressed disease which we have always been susceptible to. I like the fact that the Bullett Recharge is made from recycled batteries, which is environmentally friendly and is something we are trying to do more at Truro Golf Club.

“Our soil analysis results have shown a rise in some of the trace elements that these products have helped to introduce. These are making the plant stronger and healthier, and there is a very decent colour too.

“In the summer, we really like the Humimax and Biomass Sugar because they support my use of compost teas and biology,” continued Dominic. “These two products, which we apply from April through to September, are good building blocks that give the plant energy.

“From the Biomass Sugar and the Humimax we’ve seen better root development; better root mass and the plant is more resilient to drought. I see a real noticeable boost to the plant as soon as I start using these in the spring.

“The results prove these products are working on our site. It really is the full package we get from David and Agrovista Amenity.”

For more information about Agrovista UK, visit www.agrovista.co.uk/amenity