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Weed expert praises Roundup ProVantage

Ian Adamson from Complete Weed Control has praised the consistently good results he achieves from Roundup ProVantage.

Ian has managed the Tyne & Wear area for almost 20-years. He holds a BASIS certificate in crop protection and is a certificated surveyor in Japanese Knotweed. It is safe to say he knows his weeds and how to treat them.

Weed expert praises Roundup ProVantage

“I have used Roundup as a brand for the whole of my career,” he said. “In particular, I have relied on ProVantage for the last three years. I choose this over other brands and products purely because I get such good results.”

As Ian says, Roundup ProVantage – a glyphosate-based herbicide, sets the standards in weed control and is renowned for its top performance. The optimised blend of surfactants as well as the high loading makes Roundup ProVantage the most advanced amenity glyphosate on the market.

Roundup ProVantage offers superior performance – with improved rain-fastness and speed of uptake. Rainfast in just one hour for annuals, this product reduces the risk of run off and ensures the maximum amount of glyphosate reaches the roots for the optimum effectiveness.

The effectiveness of Roundup ProVantage herbicide, and its favourable environmental characteristics, have combined to make it one of the most widely used and trusted herbicides in the world.

“I tend to use it on a variety of sites such as highways, central reservations, verges, pavements and industrial sites,” continued Ian. “Depending on the site and the severity, I would normally look to apply it two or three times with a period of six to eight weeks between each application. This year I am intending to use ProVantage as a convenience tank mix with ICL’s LockStar, this will offer me both knockdown and long-term residual control.

“Throughout the summer we see great results within just a week, but it is also effective in cooler weather” This year, for example, I did a job in February when the temperatures were still very low, and within 3 weeks the Roundup ProVantage had achieved a total kill.

“Another huge benefit of ProVantage is that it is a 480 concentration instead of 360 so there are 25% less packaging materials to dispose of. For me that is a big selling point”

“We will continue to use and promote the use of Roundup ProVantage as it is a premium product and I’m very happy with the results” Ian concludes.

Roundup ProVantage is distributed in the UK by ICL.

Please contact ICL on 01473 237100 or visit www.icl-sf.co.uk or www.icl-sf.ie if you are in Ireland.