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Facebook Business Page Do’s and Don’ts

At Fusion Media, we are often asked by businesses what should we and what shouldn’t we be posting on Facebook? A Facebook business page can be a key marketing tool for your organisation, but setting one up well and giving it the love and attention it needs is key.

If you’re not used to managing such a marketing tool, a Facebook business page can be a step into the unknown.  For that reason we’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts – click here if you’d like a PDF version. And do get in touch if you’ve any questions, we’re happy to help!


Get the right type
Make sure you have a business page, not a personal profile used for business. A page is actually designed for business use and it has all sorts of extras like insights into usage. Don’t worry if you’ve set up a profile though, you can swap to a business page. Click here for more information.

Make sure you fill everything in
There’s lots of information to fill in – take the time to complete everything before you start sharing the page with Auntie Sue and the person you sat next to in maths when you were 12!

You can have a pretty cover photo, your logo as your profile picture and albums filled with your work, but how does it all look? Check that images haven’t been stretched or squashed and that you’re abiding to Facebook’s own rules.

Ask questions
So you’ve got a Facebook page set up. Now what? Make sure you interact with your audience – a well maintained site will attract new followers.
The best way to get your likers involved is start conversations. Make sure you ask questions and when people start to reply, the posts will appear on their timelines meaning your audience is likely to grow.

Reply to posts
It’s only a matter of time before someone posts on your timeline, or sends you a message directly. Make sure you respond swiftly, even if it’s only to say you’ll reply in detail soon. Remember, posts on your wall can be seen by everyone, and so can your replies, so don’t be drawn into any arguments!

Evaluate your success
With Facebook’s Insights you can figure out what works well on your page.  You can see if your fans are interested in the pictures you upload or if they’re more engaged when you post about a 25% off sale. Whatever works, keep doing it – but if engagement is low it might be time to try something else.

Keep things fresh
Make sure you vary the type of content you add – video, pictures, text and audio. This will keep people interested in your page and likely to share content with their friends.

Spell check
Double check what you’ve written before you post. Is your spelling right? Do links go to the right places? Have you selected the right image? You can easily edit or delete posts but once you’ve posted that picture of your dad dancing at a wedding it could be seen far and wide in no time.


Overdo it
All too often people end up with their timelines full of posts from one organisation. Don’t sit down and post several items just because you’ve only got so much time to update Facebook. Try to spread posts out and keep them interesting.

Hard sell
The idea is that you’re showing off how great your business or organisation is – you want to build relationships and prove your worth, not become a nagging salesperson. Going OTT will only ensure that you lose likes.

Confuse personal and professional
To build relationships you need to project the ethos of your business and that means showing some of your personality.
But don’t mistake that for thinking people who like your business page will care what football match you’re going to watch at the weekend. Be sociable, but remain professional.

Be vague
Don’t just post a link to something of interest without explaining why you’re sharing it. Don’t post pictures without adding a description of the wheres and whys.
If you can tempt people to look at your posts, they’re likely to follow links and view your new posts, so reel them in with some opening text.

Talk to yourself
You’ve got a personal Facebook profile and you use that to manage your business page – but remember that they’re different.
If you want to like comments on your business page – so that friends who don’t like your page already might see the interaction and follow – then make sure you’re viewing the page as you, not your business. Otherwise, it’s obvious you’re liking your own posts and it just looks odd to followers. At the same time, don’t post to your business page from your personal profile – do you really want clients seeing that profile picture of you wearing the hilarious wig at Steve’s leaving do?

Use Facebook like Version 2.0 of your website
What you add to your website doesn’t automatically have to go onto Facebook too – they’re two different tools. By all means, share latest work on both and use one to point to the other, but keep content on both fresh and engaging and monitor who is viewing what and where and tailor your messages accordingly.

Be afraid to repeat yourself…
…for the right reasons. If you’re posting details of an event, add your postcode, don’t make visitors go on the hunt, and if you want people to ring you why not add your phone number again to make things easier.

Underestimate the time
Facebook’s free, it’s simple to use and it can be a key marketing tool for your business, but it needs to be maintained, and that takes time. Set aside time to write useful content and always be thinking about what you could post and share.

If you want a marketing partner that is passionate about helping you grow your business then get in touch. It’s what we’re best at.