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Three Important Elements to a Successful Agency-Client Relationship


Trust has to be at the core of any relationship for it to work. This sentiment is especially true for new PR agency-client partnerships as feelings of anxiety and uncertainty are the norm when business owners step into the PR world for the first time. Once you’ve gone through the selection process for your agency or publicist, you need to trust that they have your best interests in mind and will do their absolute best to bring your vision to life.

Strength in NumbersRemember, you’ve selected this agency or PR professional so make sure you let them work. Go into the relationship with an open mind and give your agency the benefit of doubt. And make sure you employ an open door policy.

Open Door Policy

All trust issues stem from a lack of communication and understanding. Make sure you establish an open door/open communication policy with your agency as soon as possible. There is no such thing as “over communication” when you’re spending your hard earned money on a service or product. Clarity at every stage of your relationship is key. If you have concerns, address them early. Speak up often.

If something is happening in your business that could have an impact on the firm’s quality of work, let them know immediately. You and your PR agency should be moving like synchronized swimmers. But in order for this to happen you have to communicate. Never assume. And always, always ask the right questions.


Once you’ve established trust and communication, you have to work together. The PR agency-client union is a partnership. To achieve maximum success both sides have to be 100 percent invested in the relationship. This means bringing your agency to the table early for upcoming launch events, or changes in your business. PR should never be an afterthought.

If you want a marketing partner that is passionate about helping you grow your business then get in touch. It’s what we’re best at.