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How World’s top brands tell their stories

How World’s top brands tell their stories. Living in a world dominated by the internet means being bombarded with content every day — and tuning most of it out.

So what sets apart the articles and videos that go viral and capture the attention of millions worldwide?

Brands such as Coca-Cola, Google and Nike, for example, know that it’s usually a good story.

They’ve been using storytelling techniques to produce content that wins outstanding engagement from global audiences. Here’s what they’re doing:

  • Replacing corporate buzzwords with authentic, emotional language
  • Establishing buyer personas based on data to guide content marketing efforts
  • Working with influencers to reach wider audiences with branded content
  • Sourcing content from employees to capture more genuine organizational stories

Whether your company is just taking its first steps or is already excelling in the digital world, there is a niche and opportunity for every brand on social media.

How World’s top brands tell their storiesFusion Media works with clients of various size and social media exposure.

Within the agency, is our social team that helps amplify clients through social media.

The department ensures the client’s social channels are leveraged and optimised to support traditional and digital solutions.

Your level of understanding impacts your brand’s ability to perform on social media.

Generally, this is the first thing that brands should be thinking about when they want to launch a social campaign.

Social is touching so many pieces of a business these days that we would be remiss to say it’s just about the person we’re interfacing with.

Even at the MD or CEO level, we’ve started to see examples of how the level of understanding can really change how businesses are thinking about their product all the way down to the marketing.

Depending on the brand’s social media know-how, Facebook and Twitter are the building blocks that a brand should start with in the social sphere.

Setting goals ahead of time is another important factor. Brands just starting out on social media should focus on acquisition and filling their channels with the appropriate community.

Meanwhile, more savvy brands should look for engagement, awareness and advocacy.

If you want a marketing partner that is passionate about helping you grow your business then get in touch. It’s what we’re best at.