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ICL launch Landscaper Pro Range

ICL launch Landscaper Pro Range. The Turf and Landscape division of ICL has announced the launch of Landscaper Pro – featuring a range of unique products for landscapers and gardeners to help meet the demands of modern day lawn and landscape management.

The fertilizers in the Landscaper Pro range will result in less waste and healthier turf as well as improve its tolerance of environmental stresses such as shade and drought.

The Landscaper Pro range includes:

Lawn Fertilizers

  • Landscaper Pro Spring & Summer which offers a strong immediate response.
  • Landscaper Pro Autumn & Winter to help prevent stress during colder months.
  • Landscaper ProTablet a controlled release fertilizer that feeds the plant for up to two years.
  • Landscapers Pro Feed Weed & Mosskiller which maintains growth and contains a selective herbicide for weed control plus iron for moss control.
  • UNIVERSTAR Balance which has been developed as a convenient and cost effective general purpose fertilizer for use on lawns, beds and borders.

The Landscaper Pro Performance grass seed provides the perfect foundation to get turf off to the best possible start. Containing high quality perennial Ryegrass and Fescue, Landscaper Pro Performance produces a hard-wearing and fine blade which is ideal for areas used by children and pets. Offering rapid germination, it is available in both 5kg and 10kg bags.

ICL launch Landscaper Pro RangeFor fertilizer and grass seed application, the Landscaper Pro range features a variety of spreaders such as the Handygreen II – with an ergonomic design to reduce wrist fatigue and the Accupro 1000 which has been designed to deliver an even and balanced spread pattern.

Also included within the Landscaper Pro portfolio is Osmocote PrePlant which helps growers add value to their offering and help boost incremental sales to the landscaping sector. Designed for use when planting trees, hedging plants, hardy nursery stock (HNS) and herbaceous perennials, Osmocote PrePlant provides an ideal NPK and trace element package (16-11-10+2MgO+TE) promoting good establishment and ongoing healthy plant growth. It is suitable for a wide range of trees and plants including Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Buxus, without fear of root scorching.

Along with Ranger – a hard surface cleaner for use on concrete, asphalt, tarmac, block paving, artificial sports surfaces and any hard surface areas (except memorial marble/slate).

Landscapers and gardeners will be pleased to see the inclusion of the Humax range of growing media, which offers a wide choice of products and package sizes to suit the amateur as well as the experienced.

For further information, please contact Mark Pyrah, ICL’s Landscape & Industrial Manager, for the UK & Ireland on 01473 237100 or visit www.icl-sf.co.uk or

www.icl-sf.ie if you are in Ireland.