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Mansfield Sand great for Horses Inside Out

Horses Inside Out, a leading provider of equine education, has praised the quality of the products supplied by Mansfield Sand.

Horses Inside Out is an organisation which shows riders, trainers, therapists, saddlers and professionals how understanding more about anatomy and biomechanics can improve performance and enhance wellbeing in horses.

Mansfield Sand great for Horses Inside Out

The award-winning organisation was founded in 2006 by Gillian Higgins, who is an Anatomist, BHS Senior Coach, Sports and Remedial Therapist, Equine Therapist, a Rider, and an Author. She is extremely passionate about equine anatomy and always works with the comfort and welfare of the horse in mind.

“Having a consistent and stable surface is paramount to encourage the horses to perform and move at their best,” said Gillian. “This is why I choose to use products from Mansfield Sand.”

Mansfield Sand Company has pioneered the development and production of premium quality silica sand-based products for over 170 years. It provides a wide range of innovative products for sports, landscaping, and equestrian uses.

Gillian has used 260 tonnes of Mansfield’s Equestrian Silica Sand which is used in conjunction with a stabilising fibre.

Equestrian Silica Sand provides an excellent riding surface which is free draining. Ideally suited as a base sand, it is recommended that Equestrian Silica be incorporated into a fibre stabilising product to provide structure and stability.

“The products from Mansfield Sand are of great quality, are always consistent and are designed for the job,” said Gillian.

For more information, please visit the Mansfield Sand website www.mansfield-sand.co.uk