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Four Myths of Working in PR

Four Myths of Working in PR. For an industry that builds awareness and shapes perception, public relations often struggles with its own image. If you work within the PR world, you’ve most likely had to explain more than a few times what it is you actually do when people ask you.

PR is more widely encountered than ever, but it’s increasingly difficult for people outside of the industry to separate myth from reality. Here are four common misconceptions about public relations that we come across:

1. We don’t need PR all the time do we? A common misconception is that PR is a tool that can be turned on and off. In reality, a strong PR program is constantly growing and evolving even if the effects aren’t immediately obvious. Building momentum and genuine relationships with key reporters and bloggers takes time and requires a constant ear to the ground on industry trends. PR should be used on a regular basis as part of a in-depth marketing programme. Work with clients to identify proactive storylines to tell, even when there is no company news. This is key to building reporter relationships so that the company is top of their mind for relevant articles or the next big announcement.

2. Data stands alone: While proprietary data or conducting third party research can illuminate unique insights, it’s not always enough to fuel a strong PR campaign, especially as reporters’ ears are becoming more attuned to vendor-sponsored survey results that could be perceived as self-serving. The key to a successful data campaign lies just as much in the creative presentation of that data as in the metrics themselves. 

3. PR is an island: Public relations is not a standalone facet of communications. And PR and content marketing are not competing forces, but rather elemental to each other’s success. Posting a well-written piece of content to a company blog is not the grand finale. Content marketers can use social platforms for republishing content, extending its reach and ultimately, creating more engagement.

4. Spin to win: It’s easy in today’s world of “alternative facts” to believe that PR is all about spinning the truth. In reality, a strong PR program builds trust – whether it be between an organisation and consumers or a CEO and key reporter. The easiest way to destroy that trust is to mislead or to lie. The toughest issues can be truthfully communicated when presented in context. Work with the leaders/influencers in your organisation to put the company’s best foot forward with transparent and genuine messaging.

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