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Replay Maintenance “Deliver on Promises” at School

School praises Replay Maintenance after Replay Rejuvenation

Heathfield Community School in Somerset sought expert help with their full size sand based artificial pitch after the ageing surface was starting to show signs of wear and tear. The school turned to Replay Maintenance, who soon delivered on everything they promised.

The 12 year old pitch was extremely clogged with dirt and compacted sand and as a result the surface was suffering from constant flooding. It also had an uneven ball-bounce and complaints were arising that it was playing too fast.

Replay before and after copyThese all too familiar signs are extremely common in aging artificial surfaces especially when the pitch sees regular action. At Heathfield, the pitch is constantly used for school purposes from 9am to 5pm and then sees continued use up until 10pm for private hire. School and Community Sports Coordinator at Heathfield Community School, Jayson Lillington, arranged for Replay Maintenance to visit the school to see if they could help.

“Replay came to see us and inspected the pitch. They gave us a simple and honest quote that was good value for money. They were offering a state of the art service and made me feel confident that they would deliver on promises…and they did just that,” he said.

The state of the art service which Jayson speaks of is the company’s popular Replay Rejuvenation process which restores sand-filled synthetic turf to an appearance and performance which is as good as new. In some cases this process can double the playing life of the surface, so it’s no wonder that more and more sports facilities are turning to the Replay Maintenance instead of the more costly option of replacing the carpet with a new one, something which Jayson was quick to acknowledge.

“Replay’s work has rejuvenated our artificial pitch and extended its lifespan – ultimately saving us money. The pitch no longer floods, it plays better, it looks better – this also makes it a better proposition for rental,” he said.

Replay’s fully qualified and experienced team begin the process by operating the company’s unique Beaver machines, which extracts all of the contaminated infill utilising compressed air driven. This thoroughly decompacts the surface and drives out all of the contaminants. The machine also cleans pile fibres, untangles them and restores them to there as designed vertical position whilst repairing weak seams. A purpose-built sand spreading machine then distributes and brushes in fresh infill to the desired depth, leaving optimum free pile. Finally, Replay’s Sandmaster machine works the infill into the surface leaving the pitch as good as it was when it was first constructed.

As well as delivering excellent results, Jayson was also impressed with the customer service Replay Maintenance provided the school, prompting him to embark on a 5 year service agreement with the company.

“The staff are excellent with their communications and very accommodating to individual needs, this is especially helpful to a school. For anyone with an ageing or flooding artificial pitch I would certainly recommend an inspection from Replay Maintenance.

“We now have a service agreement with Replay Maintenance. This gives us peace of mind and seems prudent given the level of care they offer.”

For further information, please contact Replay Maintenance on 01636 640 506 or visit the company’s website www.replaymaintenance.co.uk. You can also follow the company on Twitter: @ReplayMaintain