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Sherriff Amenity and Greenaway Amenity Sign Exclusive CDA Supply Agreement

Sherriff Amenity has confirmed an exclusive supply agreement with Greenaway Amenity to sell market and develop the company’s range of hand-held Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) sprayers and liquid products throughout the UK.

Sherriff Amenity and Greenaway Amenity Sign Exclusive CDA Supply AgreementThe exclusive supply agreement will see the Sherriff Amenity Sales team and its online retail shop promoting and selling three hand-held lances including the new Verdy Lite – a hand held, pre-calibrated, pumped, controlled droplet lance and a range of seven adjuvants, including Bioflex our flagship CDA approved adjuvant for use with approved non hazard glyphosate.

Both companies will also work together to further develop products for the amenity turf sector.

Greenaway is an established company that has supplied domestic and industrial weed control products to the local authority and amenity maintenance sectors successfully for many years. They advocate the use of the CDA system for weed control and their equipment is specifically designed for this purpose. Their range of herbicides and adjuvants has been developed for use with this equipment.

“Sherriff Amenity gives us a very professional delivery to market,” commented Dominic Woodcock, Managing Direct of Greenaway Amenity. “Our partnership with Sherriff Amenity is almost like having a pre-approval process in place for customers.

“We’re a small business and make a unique, but excellent product. 70% of our business is with local authorities and within the amenity turf sector, so without their help, it would take us longer to get our products noticed. We’ve dealt with Sherriff Amenity since 2004 and Alpha Amenity before the buyout, so we know that our products fit perfectly with their ethos,” said Dominic.

Sherriff Amenity were suitable impressed with the work that Greenaway Amenity had completed with the environment agency and after their primary meeting felt that given the support of a strong sales team, that there was an impressive pipeline of new innovations that could really put both businesses at the forefront of application technology.

“Our business philosophy is to create lasting supply chains with primary manufacturers and in Greenaway we saw a company with a comprehensive range of adjuvants and delivery systems for the CDA market,” said Mark Pyrah, Sherriff Amenity’s Managing Director.

Both companies hope to continue to develop innovations in the CDA market, and are now in the process of looking at synergies across their existing supplier network.

“Greenaway will work to develop the next generation of application equipment that meets with the demand of even lower application rates and new low rate chemical formulations,” said Mark.

The new agreement starts with immediate effect.

For further information, please contact Sherriff Amenity on 01638 721 888 or visit www.sherriff-amenity.com

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