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Sherriff Amenity feature new products and FREE education

Sherriff Amenity feature new products and FREE education. Not only will Sherriff Amenity be launching two new innovative products on stand B34 at BTME 2017 but they will also be offering 12 months FREE education AND be showcasing a live working demonstration.

BTME 2017 will see the launch of two new products in the Evolution fertiliser range – Xtra and Controlled.

Evolution Xtra is a slow-release outfield fertiliser which provides up to three months release and helps avoid volatilisation of Nitrogen.

Sherriff Amenity feature new products and FREE educationEvolution Controlled is a premium coated fertiliser with a range of granulation sizes and analysis to suit a wide range of application requirements.

The Evolution Controlled range offers different prill sizes and release patterns allowing the product to be used on various turf heights in golf, football, sport grounds and racecourses.

Sherriff Amenity feature new products and FREE education

Also featuring on the stand will be the latest offering of SeaVolution – a cold processed seaweed and bio-stimulant range. SeaVolution consists of a range of liquids and granules manufactured from unique, cold processed seaweed extract from fresh, hand-picked Ascophyllum nodosum.

SeaVolution is high in micronutrients, plant hormones and alginates, which work together to stimulate the biological defences of the grass, while its rich amino acid content aids plant recovery and stimulates growth in grass under stress.

Sherriff Amenity has always been a big advocate of education within the turf and amenity industry and many have benefited from being a part of the Sherriff Academy.

This online platform is ideal for learning more about the amenity business as users can participate in courses to enhance knowledge on a wide range of topics such as disease and the correct products to use.

Visitors to the Sherriff Amenity stand will receive an exclusive offer of 12 months FREE education with the Sherriff Academy.

Sherriff Amenity feature new products and FREE education

Visitors to Stand B34 will also have the opportunity of seeing a live working demonstration of the Bayer easyFlow – the first closed transfer system for crop protection products in canisters.

This unique product enhances operator safety by preventing spillages during the preparation process – thus significantly reducing waste and protecting the environment.

It is also easy to install on the tanks of spraying and premixing equipment.

For further information, please contact Sherriff Amenity on 01638 721 888 or visit www.sherriffamenity.com

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