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Sherriff Amenity Seminar and Demonstrations Get Seal of Approval

Continuing its programme of working closely with turf professionals, Sherriff Amenity, in association with Bowcom and Everris, recently held a ‘Differences in Fertilisers and release patterns’ seminar and line marking demonstration at Pembroke College in Cambridge.

IMG_3291The aim of the event was to educate groundsmen and greenkeepers on the difference in types of fertilisers and release patterns: conventional, slow release, controlled release and organics, with areas of use for each product and the benefits which was held by Lewis Blois, Technical Area Sales Manager for Everris.

This was followed by an on-site demonstration of the Bowcom range of products and the correct line marking paints to be used on each surface.

The seminar attracted representatives from golf clubs, football clubs, schools, colleges and local authorities.

Kevin Whitby, Marketing Manager of Sherriff Amenity said: “The aim of the seminar was to give the group of attendees the latest information about some of the products available on the market which can make the lives of the users that much easier.

“We had some very positive feedback from attendees, who said they found the day very informative and interesting. We are keen to organise more of these seminars in the future, not only to keep turf professionals informed, but as part of our programme of supporting our suppliers.”

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A video of the day can be viewed here.