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Souters Sports Invest in New Innovative Fleet

Leading sports ground contractor, Souters Sports, has continued its policy of investing in state of the art equipment with the purchase of two MAN TGX 26.440 lorries. The two Lorries have been bought for their reliability and efficiency.

Souters New Wagons-47-3Winner of several coveted prizes in international long-haul transport, the MAN TGX is best in class. The TGX Efficient Line is designed consistently for consumption reduction and provides ultimate efficiency in long-haul transport being robust, economical and reliable.

Souters Sports Contracts Director, Robert Heath, said that they feel the MAN TGX is the perfect choice for them, “In the current market place we need reliability along with efficiency and service so we have opted to partner MAN with a repair and maintenance contract to reduce downtime and in-house costs.”

The MAN TGX uses up to three litres less fuel consumption over 100 km compared to a standard vehicle, reducing costs and protecting the environment. It is the ideal solution for economic and environmentally friendly long-haul transport as well as this it is a great advertising opportunity for Souters Sport as Robert explains: “Our lorries are always travelling the length and breadth of the country and with our new livery, you won’t be able to miss them.”

For further information, please contact Souters Sports Limited on 01236 453030 or visit www.souterssports.co.uk. Souters Sports are also on Twitter @SoutersSports