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Turf Science Live: A Day of Learning and Networking at Leicester City FC Training Ground

Leicester City FC Training Ground recently played host to a fantastic gathering of turf professionals.

Turf Science Live, an event organised jointly by ICL and Syngenta, offers a platform for greenkeepers and groundsmen to dive deep into the latest in turf management. The incredible surroundings of Leicester City Football Club’s training facilities made for the perfect backdrop. With over 100 attendees from sporting venues all over the UK, the day was ripe for sharing insights and experiences.

The day commenced in the impressive press room, setting the tone for the informative sessions that were to follow. Attendees were divided into four groups, ensuring an intimate and comprehensive learning experience. Each group would experience all four designed stations – two in the morning, followed by two post-lunch.

Turf Science Live: A Day of Learning and Networking at Leicester City FC Training Ground

Speaking of lunch, it wasn’t just about satiating hunger. Attendees had the opportunity to showcase their golfing skills, with a “longest drive” and “nearest the pin” putting competition on the site’s golf course, adding a touch of camaraderie and friendly competition to the day.

The seminar’s core, however, was undeniably the four stations:

Station 1: From Research to Results

Dr Andy Owen, International Technical Manager for ICL Growing Solutions, Turf and Landscape Division, and Dr Jonathan Knowles, Head of the Sports Turf Academy at Leicester City Football Club, explained the intricate process of turf research, exploring its nuances and the journey from laboratory findings to real-world applications

Station 2: Environmentally Friendly Outfield Nutrition

In this session, Henry Bechelet, ICL’s Technical Sales Manager for UK and Ireland’s turf and landscape business, discussed the shift towards eco-friendly solutions, highlighting the importance and efficacy of sustainable nutrition for outfield areas.

Station 3: Integrated Turf Pest Management

Glenn Kirby, the Syngenta EAME Technical Services Manager for Turf & Landscape, enlightened attendees on holistic approaches to turf pest control, emphasizing the integration of multiple tactics to achieve optimal results.

Station 4: Biological Tools for Turf Management

Eric Chen, the Syngenta EAME Biologicals Technical Manager for Turf & Ornamentals, presented on the potential of biological tools in turf management.

As the day wrapped up, Ed Carter offered heartfelt gratitude to the team at Leicester City FC for their partnership and for hosting the event. Prizes were awarded to the competition winners and attendees had the opportunity to walk on one of the football pitches.

This marked a memorable end to a day filled with learning and networking. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees is a testament to the event’s success and the relevance of the topics discussed.

As the industry continues to evolve, gatherings like Turf Science Live ensure that professionals stay abreast of the latest developments and best practices in turf management.

For more information, please visit www.icl-growingsolutions.uk