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Valdor® Flex now available from Agrovista Amenity

Weed-free soil with just one application

Unique residual turf herbicide, Valdor® Flex, is now available from Agrovista Amenity.

Valdor® Flex now available from Agrovista AmenityValdor Flex was introduced to the UK turf and amenity market last year and has been widely praised for providing excellent residual control for even the hardest to manage weeds.

Turf and amenity managers are encouraged to improve the efficiency of their herbicide programmes by using the product, which is active on a wide range of surfaces including open soil, gravel and industrial areas.

Its success is attributed to its two synergistic active ingredients, diflufenican and iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium, which help to minimise the risk of resistance through two complementary modes of action.

In fact, Valdor Flex keeps the soil weed free for up to four months with just one single application, providing cleaner surfaces for longer, and helping to target herbicide use more effectivity.

Agrovista Amenity’s John Marland believes that the product is a great addition to the company’s ever-expanding portfolio.

“The long-term activity of Valdor Flex keeps soil weed-free for up to four months, which reduces the frequency of applications throughout the season,” he said.

“This makes it a cost-effective solution for our amenity customers, as well as offering other benefits such as contributing to resistance management, something that our industry needs to keep on top of.”

Valdor Flex controls a range of common weeds and can be used standalone prior to germination or before weed emergence. If weeds are present, it can be mixed with glyphosate or a fatty acid, which helps to provide the initial knockdown.

Manufactured by Bayer, it uses the latest generation of wettable granule (WG) to ensure the product remains stable in water for at least 24 hours, meaning any remaining solution in the tank can be used the following day.

Valdor Flex should be applied from February through to June, a single application required per season, and is available in 10g sachets or 500g bottles. The 10g sachets can be mixed in a knapsack sprayer with 6-10 litres of water, providing the operator with surface coverage of up to 200m2. For those looking to treat a larger area, the 500g bottle can be mixed with 300-500 litres of water and applied with a tractor mounted sprayer to achieve coverage of 1ha.

This unique product also has a low odour, eliminates the risk of stains on treated surfaces, and consists of an incredibly low dust formulation which helps to reduce operator exposure.

For more information, visit www.agrovista.co.uk