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Why Hire a Media Agency for Social Media?

Looking to modernize your marketing efforts? Great! Why hire a media agency to handle your social media though?

When it comes to something like social media and your company, why would you hire an agency? It’s your hard earned money, not to mention your company and brand that you’re putting in the hands of total strangers. In this brief article; we look to highlight a few solid benefits to hiring a media agency over handling the work in-house.

More For Your Money

First and probably most important is cost. Hiring a manager in-house with a salary of around £30-40,000 is a lot of money to be throwing around. Now this may not seem like a lot, but add taxes, benefits, and holidays etc. and we’re looking at some serious cash. When you give an agency that kind of money you don’t have to worry about all the extras and you have a team of seasoned professionals working with and for you.

social_media#EdgeRank Problems

There are some other reasons financially hiring an agency may be in your best interest…one of them being EdgeRank. EdgeRank is Facebook’s algorithm and its sole purpose is to automatically decide what it thinks you want to see in your NewsFeed. An agency knows how to leverage EdgeRank to your advantage; let me explain. If Joe Bloggs has the same amount of likes as Billy’s Bikes but Joe Bloggs hired an experienced agency to curate great content & manage his page for him (where as Billy’s Bikes has not posted content in three months), Joe Bloggs’ ads or post boosts would reach exponentially more people for less money. The reason for this is his EdgeRank is higher; you get a higher EdgeRank by posting on your page frequently and, more importantly, receiving engagement from your fans.

Save Time

It’s a serious headache and commitment for a business-owner to attempt to manage their social media efforts effectively all on their own. You’re running a company after all. Do you really want to study what’s trending on Twitter on a daily basis? And that’s just one social media platform, what about Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. A social media agency prevents that lost time and is on top of your social media presence and strategy constantly. Fusion Media has the experience and the resources to ensure that you’re being branded and correctly represented on each platform.

Engagement Is Essential But Not Easy

Emotion breeds conversation. What we mean by this is people that like, share, or follow your content will be subject to your photos, quotes, and stories. This will start a conversation that is based on human emotion and you can’t put a price tag on that kind of branding.


Lastly, numbers don’t lie. There are 1 billion clicks to YouTube a day, over a billion active users on Facebook monthly, and over 6 million active users on Twitter monthly. Your company should have a presence on all of these. Social Media presence is no longer a nice add-on – it’s a necessity. Consumers expect you to have a presence and the vast majority of people on the verge of buying use social media to help them make a decision. Be present to engage your existing audience, be friendly and trustworthy to promote sales and always work to increase your audience with great content & strategy.

If you want a marketing partner that is passionate about helping you grow your business then get in touch. It’s what we’re best at.