Jamie Clark

In his role as Digital Marketing Executive, Jamie brings his knowledge of sport to his creative work to create high-impact copy and digital marketing strategies for his clients. Like a true sporting perfectionist, Jamie loves learning from his past successes and using them to improve his clients’ digital marketing.

Claim to fame:
I’ve been in a range of weird and wonderful situations, but the closest ‘claim to fame’ was performing at Glastonbury Festival when I was 18.

Spare time:
Usually I’m normally trying to watch every new movie that comes out, researching where to travel to next, finding interesting places to eat & drink with my friends or playing guitar.

Once the summer rolls around, however, you’ll find me spending most of my time playing cricket for New Ash Green & Hartley Cricket Club (and running their social media, of course).

3 Favourite Websites:

The Broke Backpacker
Ultimate Guitar